1. We are entitled to CAF (France) holiday assistance, is your campground authorized?

Our campround is endorsed by the VACAF label. When you reserve you must provide your beneficiary account number so we can calculate the amount of your subsidy which will be deducted directly from the cost of your stay.

2. We would like to bring our pet... do you accept animals?

Animals are accepted in rental units and campsites for a charge of 5 € per night. However all pets are subject to our campground policies and we ask you to please respect the following rules:

  • 1 animal MAXIMUM per campsite — Certain categories of dogs are prohibited including 1st and 2nd category dogs : breeds and mixes resembling Staffordshire terrier, American Staffordshire terrier (pitbulls), Mastiff (boerbulls),Tosa and Rottweilers.
  • Chiens de catégories 1 et 2 (type Pitbull, Rottweiler…) sont strictement interdits.
  • All pets are required to be on a leash at all times within the campground. Pets cannot be left alone without the owners, even if they are caged or tied up.
  • Pets must be identified (tattoo or micro-chip) and vaccinated. Passport and vaccination booklet must be presented at the welcome desk upon arrival.

3. Our group is 6 adults and a baby. Can we reserve a rental unit for 4/6 guests?

Every guest must be counted, including babies. In your case you will need to rent a unit suitable for 8 guests. We cannot accept extra guests above the capacity of the rental units.

4. We have rented a mobile home and 2 persons would like to sleep outdoors in a tent next to us. Is this okay?

Pitching a tent on the premises of your rental unit accommodation is authorized only if the maximum guest capacity is not over and above the number for that unit or campsite (6 persons in this example), and there will be an extra charge of 46€ /week for the additional tent.

5. We are arriving with 2 vehicles; can we park both vehicles at our campsite?

Only one vehicle is authorized per campsite. The 2nd vehicle must be parked in the entrance parking lot, except in the case of 6/8 person rental units in which 2 vehicles are authorized to park on the campsite.

6. What are the rules for barbecuing on our campsite?

Open fire are strictly prohibited. Only gas-fired barbecues are authorized on the campsites. Charcoal grills are allowed only on the concrete facilities with wall partitiions specifically provided for that purpose. (Near the bathroom facilities) You can rent gas-fired plancha grills at the welcome desk of the campground. Electric barbecues or planchas are strictly prohibited due to the high electrical power usage of those appliances.

7. We have reserved a classic campsite; how does the electrical hook-up work?

The electrical hook-up post at your campsite uses European standard plugs and we recommend you bring electrical adapters as well as an extension cable (at least 25 meters in length). Adapters are on sale for 18 €. Under no circumstances will the campground lend extension cables.

8. We have reserved a mobile home / cottage, what should we bring?

All our rental untis except kiwi tents, are equipped with bathroom facilities and toilets, kitchenettes with gas burners, lounge furniture, etc. We provide dishes and cutlery, pots and pans, refrigerator, micro-wave oven, electric coffeemaker, garden furniture, blankets and pillows. However we do NOT provide bed sheets (you can rent them for 15 € for a double bed set for 140 ou 160 beds and 13 € for a single bed set for 90 beds.) Towels and cleaning products are NOT furnished.

9. Are their rules for using the water park and swimming pool areas?

Yes, the water park has strict rules and policies:

  • Men and boys must wear regular bathing suits or trunks. (Shorts, bermudas, surfing shorts and boxer shorts are prohibited).
  • children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (18 or over) when in the pool areas –Water slides are restricted (prohibited for children under 8 unless accompanied by an adult)
  • Water slides are restricted (prohibited for children under 8 unless accompanied by an adult)
  • All campers must wear the campground bracelet at all times on the wrist from April to September.

10. My child under 18 would like to camp for a few days with friends; is that possible?

Minors must be accompanied by an adult who is their legal representative.

11. We will be arriving outside of the welcome desk opening hours ; how can we get our key?

We invite you to contact us by email or phone in order to expain how you can get your key.

12. Until what time at night can we enter the campground with our vehicle?

The campground gates are open until 11:30 p.m. at night. If you arrive after this time, we must ask you to leave your vehicle in the entrance parking lot and please walk to your campsite or rental unit.

13. Some friends would like to visit us, can they use the campground facilities?

Visitors are welcome in our campground but they must leave their vehicle at the entrance parking lot and stop at the welcome desk upon arrival. There will be a charge of 4 € per non-camper guest. A 20 € deposit per bracelet will also be requested. Due to security regulations, access to the water park and swimming pools is strictly prohibited for non-camper guests.

14. Is there wifi access at the campground?

You can enjoy free wifi access and connect from your campsite. The access code will be provided upon your arrival.